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Emicontrols Best Dealer 2013
OEM supplier of Site Shield 360 environmental monitoring
Stockist of Eurobrit High Alloy Steel Shear blades


V12 Dust Controller

The fully-automatic V12 from Emicontrols offers a universal, powerful and environmentally-friendly solution to dust control.

Special nozzles with ceramic inserts produce the fine water spray, which effectively lays the dust particles directly at the source. The latest valve technology and an optional second nozzle ring guarantee efficient water flow. The turbines can remotely move 52° in angle of inclination and a 360° full oscillation ensure maximum operating range. The wide range of designs available makes the V12s a universal dust laying sprayer. The device is easy to control via a remote control, a touch panel on the electric cabinet or wirelessly.

Another benefit of using the V12s is its ability to integrate with our Site Shield 360° Dust Monitoring Kit. This makes the turbine totally autonomous as it is controlled wirelessly by the site shield 360. When dust levels exceed permitted levels the site shield 360 sends a Bluetooth signal to the V12s to start up and once dust levels have decreased it send another signal to switch off. MONITOR, DETECT, PROTECT.

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Mobile Dust Monitoring


Quick and Easy Dust Measurements

The SS360 mobile can be used for spot checks and walk-through surveys with the advantage of seeing instantly when and where excessive dust levels are occurring. The SS360 mobile is incredibly easy to use with a simple interface. A user can be taking a measurement within seconds of starting the instrument.

A calibration filter is used on site that provides a spot check of the instrument’s linearity. This is unique to the marketplace as no other device currently has this capability. The screens are colour coded to ease navigation; once a measurement is started they turn green or red when stopped. When taking a measurement, real-time instantaneous and average levels are shown and subsequently stored to the memory for review later.

On-Site Calibration

The instrument is factory calibrated using a method traceable back to isokinetic techniques and is conducted in a custom-built wind tunnel using ISO 12103-1 A2 Fine test dust (Arizona road dust equivalent). Each probe is also supplied with its own unique Calibration Insert, which creates a known optical scattering effect in the probe’s sampling chamber. This fixed reference can be used to confirm the original factory calibration point, although annual factory recalibration is recommended.

Whilst the SS360 mobile comes factory calibrated, by using an optional TUFF Air Sampling Pump and gravimetric adaptor, user-defined dust-type settings may be obtained. This means that the user can calculate a correction factor for the actual type of dust being measured and ensures maximum accuracy for their particular application.

Site Shield 360 Data Management Software

The SS360 mobile can be downloaded to Sight Shield 360 Insight Data Management Software using the USB cable provided. Once downloaded, the time history of the dust level can be displayed and analysed as necessary, so the times and extent of particularly ‘dusty’ events can be seen. Measurements can be stored in relation to the person or area they were measured and reports can be produced showing the relevant data for multiple people or places as required.

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Mobile Noise Monitoring


For Environmental Noise

  • Simultaneous broadband and frequency measurement
  • Data markers
  • Back erase function
  • Real-time frequency analysis
  • Single measurement range
  • Triggered ‘event’ capture

Data can be marked to signify any significant events, the data from which can be removed afterwards in insight software. Up to 60 hours of audio files can be stored, commonly used for noise source identification. Stored audio can be played back on the instrument using headphones or downloaded to Casella insight software. For unattended monitoring, event mode (CEL-633) allows trigger levels (dB) to be set, so additional data (e.g. Leq, Lmax) is stored together with the audio file for later analysis, as well as a profiles down to 10ms intervals. An environmental noise monitoring kit is available which protects the instrument and microphone from the weather and allows unattended monitoring for up 10 days.

For Occupational Noise

  • Simultaneous measurements of all workplace noise parameters
  • Standard setups for workplace noise legislation
  • Measures parameters for hearing protection selection by the SNR, HML and octave band method
  • Analyse time history of noise levels
  • Optional high range microphone, up to 165dB

The SS360 Noise Mobile is designed to make workplace noise measurements as quick and simple as possible. The displayed information can be made as simple or comprehensive as required and all measurement parameters are stored simultaneously, so no incorrect measurements can be made. When the unit is calibrated with the 120 calibrator, the calibration dates and times are stored and downloaded to the insight software, validating the accuracy of measurements. Average, peak, and octave band measurements are performed at the same time, so only one measurement needs to be made for all workplace noise applications.

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All in One Dust & Noise Monitoring


The only on-site and boundary monitor you will ever need. The Site Shield 360 produced for boundary and site monitoring applications provides simultaneous, remote monitoring of dust, noise, wind speed and direction. Local alarms and email can be transmitted to site managers if dust or noise limits are exceeded. It is also the first simultaneous multi parameter monitor for dust and noise manufactured in the UK which can be fully integrated into a MONITOR, DETECT, PROTECT system by wirelessly connecting the unit to our range of Emicontrols V12s and V12 dust controllers.  Giving the client a fully automatic system which will control dust within seconds of being detected.

Environmental dust and noise compliance made easy
Data Anytime and Anywhere

  • Access your data via any web browser
  • Receive real-time e-mail alerts
  • Extract data and produce reports easily

The data is transferred via GPRS to a dedicated, secure, website This can be viewed in any web browser, via private login, showing real-time and historical data and in addition real-time alarms can be set up via email. Reports can be easily created for multiple parameters: Noise: LAeq, LAmx, LA10, LA90, PM10, PM2.5 levels or TSP as well as wind speed and direction; all over selectable time periods.

For more information please contact our sales team.

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I love the service and the range of products at EAG. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and above all else create a solution to a problem.

~ Wesley J O'Brien

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